Diwali-The festival of Lights or the World Polluter-pArT oNe

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“Increasing temperature”

Hello readers,                                                                                                                                          Did you know that due to global warming , there will be a time when the temperatures would easily reach around 50 degrees Celsius / 122 Fahrenheit .

So many of you just might think that it is a natural phenomenon.But the true fact is that it is due to global warming which is caused due to to excessive greenhouse effect.

So now many of you will wonder what this greenhouse effect exactly is…

So greenhouse effect is when the INFRARED RAYS of the sun fall on the objects and the heat released is not allowed to escape the atmosphere , therefore the heat is preserved and the temperature rises . The gases which trap the rays are called greenhouse gases . If the gases are present in excessive quantity , then they lead to global warming . Some greenhouse gases are METHANE , CARBON DIOXIDE AND WATER VAPOUR .

So global warming is why we are facing water shortages in dry regions to heavy floods in humid regions……….

Practical Learning .vs. Bookish Knowledge

You might have heard many people saying that Oh no!You do not know such a common thing.But today you will know who and why do they tell you this.

So when you think about practicals , the first thing that might come to your mind is experiments [in science],making robots [in computer].But the actual meaning of practical is something that you understand and not that you have mugged it up.

Now think about a science textbook saying that –

A simple machine is a device with the help of which a force applied on one point is transmitted to another point with a convenient change of magnitude and/or direction.

This is what is written .Now a person who has  only bookish knowledge and only mugs up would have written-

A simple machine is a device with the help of which a force applied on one point is transmitted to another point with a convenient change of magnitude and direction.

Here there is a slight difference in the and/or part.

But a person who is not in the world of books and understands things would write-

A simple machine is a device using which work is made easier as energy is transferred to another point.

So you can see the difference………..

For time being you can get good marks and be happy but later in life when you need the knowledge , you will not understand anything.

But in practical you might get 2-3% less than what you usually get but later you will realise its benefits……..

I hope you understood what I wanted to tell you.

Thx and remember this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                                                                                                                          ||||||||||||||||||||||||

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Digitalization Of the world

Have you ever wondered that if there were no tablets , phones , gaming consoles , machines or automobiles , what would happen to the human world.

We might it is probably impossible to live without machines.Which is pretty true.But nothing is impossible.

But then think of your life in a jungle in a small hut.What would happen with no stoves and no induction cookers.You would eat only raw , dirty , not tasty , and basically the worst  food you will ever eat.

So all these problems can be solved by the use of machines which I encourage and say is good.

But we should never be so dependent on machines that we forget to live like humans.

We should never be fully dependent on machines.

But now that the generation is getting better , better technologies are being introduced , we should be dependent on machines .But not so much that it crosses the limits.

So we should try to use how much ever digital things as possible (within the limits).When we buy anything , we should try not using cash and use electronic payment modes like using your credit or debit card.Or we can use wallet apps like mobikwik,oxigen,paytm and etc.

Some technologies are being introduced in which your fingerprint will be connected to your bank account and your fingerprint is enough to pay from your bank accounts.

More over we should use electronic means in airports, metro stations , railway stations where we can see all the stats on  live T.V screen which shows us all the updates.

Then we should use phones with personal assistants like SIRI or PIXEL .

So, digitalization is a very important part of this human world.

We should use machines within the limits in efficient way.

But we should try using machines which use less of electricity.

To know more about the importance of electricity , visit my blog-


And that is what I can tell you about digitalization and remember this , whenever you do something sing a machine type product.



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How does a dead person feel?

Have you ever wondered how a dead person feel after his death.

Many people say that dead people soon come alive after their death and so they believe in transmigration of the soul which means that the soul never dies.It’s only the body that dies.This thought is usually followed and believed by the Hindu’s.

Some people say that dead people remain in the world in the form of ghosts . Their bodies decompose but their soul (or “aatma” in hindi) is still in the world.They believe that it keeps wandering near the place where it died and so haunt it wandering abut.So usually the places  are abandoned.

But what I feel is that when a person dies he is like a library without books,he must be feeling nothing as if he were given generic anesthesia which would long forever .

I wonder how they feel the time g past if they do feel.

Their one second would probably be equivalent to around millions of years.Probably infinite too.

Also I wonder how and what happens to their bodies which are buried or burnt.

But then when people die,it is very sad.Their whole family,friends and relatives cry bitterly.

Some people have even suicide for the cause of their very close family memeber’s deaths.

But then dying is a part of the balance of our ecosystem.

Thank you guys for seeing and reading this blog and staying tuned with me.

Wait for my next blog and stay tuned with me.

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Petrol and other fuels Getting quenched

Nowadays nobody cares enough for conserving even the slightest of petrol.

This is happening because people are not caring for what might happen anytime and are freely using petrol and other fuels.Instead of other , efficient resources like Electricity, Solar , Wind Energy and a lot more.Even the fact that scientists have also found out geothermal energy.Geothermal energy is generated from the heat produced in the interior of the earth.

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